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Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had the ebook for the 5th Mortal Instruments book City of Lost Souls I really want to read it because I just finished fallen angels and was wondering if someone could send me it? Message me if you are willing PLEASE im actually begging you!!! And I will follow and love you forever if you do this for me :)

Hey just download it from that’s what my bf did.

To all my fellow doctor who fans. I need your help! I can’t find out how to watch season seven! :’( going crazy here trying to find it!!


Uriah isn’t going to be cast until Insurgent? That sucks! I love the scene where him and Tris and some of the other are on the train after capture the flag and he accidentally squirts the paint from the paintball into his mouth. And does that mean the zip line scene isn’t going to be in the movie? 

They HAVE to put the zip line scene!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s my fav!!!!!!